New digital fashion week to be hosted in the city of Montréal

Digital fashion week Montréal is excited to announce a new fashion week concept coming soon for Canada, Digital fashion week Montréal (DFW Montréal).

With a campaign starting in 2017 and in celebration of the 375th anniversary of Montréal the city, DFW Montréal’s first edition will lead the way in innovation, creativity and enterprise for the Canadian fashion scene.

In collaboration with exciting partners and sponsors, DFW Montréal will have a strong focus on the future of fashion innovation re-writing the fashion week business model.

Runway shows streamed live to a global audience will offer immersive and interactive experiences for both consumers and the industry. The schedule will also host networking events and other educational initiatives to support Canadian designers.

Canadian designers will be empowered with a fashion week that truly belongs to them, one that will take their careers into the future and from which the industry can grow internationally.

Montréal offers the perfect platform for DFW Montréal highlighting all of the great businesses that are born here, through the fashion, technology, music and cultural art sectors.

A full press release will follow later in the year when DFW Montréal’s exciting platforms will be live and ready to inspire fashion designers and fashion lovers everywhere.
Having owned stores and held positions within global retailers I’ve gained valuable commercial insight into every area of the retail fashion sector.

I have developed a passion for Canadian designers and a drive to promote them internationally. I am extremely excited to be working with many great and inspiring partners and sponsors that will be the difference in delivering this new concept of fashion week.
Melanie Trevett
CEO and Founder of Digital Fashion Week Montréal


Founded to create something new and exciting for Canada’s fashion industry, Digital Fashion Week Montréal (DFW Montréal) is a rebellious and passionate digital fashion week dedicated to the promotion and empowerment of Canada’s fashion creators.

DFW Montréal’s core values are to nurture, inspire and promote the Canadian fashion scene globally through digital innovation and unique collaborations, while highlighting the culture and diversity of Montréal the city.

DFW Montréal’s aim is to create a lasting legacy for the future of Canadian fashion, and through innovation and enterprise secure Canada its place firmly on the global fashion map.
Melanie Trevett
CEO and Founder of Digital Fashion Week Montréal
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